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Embracing Uncertainty

Welcome to Embracing Uncertainty. I am your host Steve LeClair.

Everyone wants to live a life of significance. Most people would define this as providing for their loved ones. Through the choice of occupation and the accompanying lifestyle afforded, it provides homeostasis. The human brain was wired for security and comfort.

This explains why few people are willing to take risks required to launch a business, expand it and reach the upper echelon of their chosen market. The pathway to success is cluttered with obstacles and challenges that cause most people to turn away. The fear of failure and the unknown is so strong, homeostasis wins.

On each episode of Embracing Uncertainty, we answer the following three questions:

Why is it some business owners and entrepreneurs are able to face their fears, take risks and overcome failures while others stagnant or regress?

What was the triggering event in their company where they faced adversity and made tough decisions that forever changed the company’s trajectory?

Lastly, what are lessons they have learned that can help other business owners and entrepreneurs?


Steve LeClair is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Business Innovator. Steve’s leap into entrepreneurship began in 2002 when he formed a team focused on helping closely-held businesses. Today, he is proud of the long-lasting relationships he’s formed with these businesses and families.

Steve started Embracing Uncertainty to inspire others to chase a life of significance. He challenges those around him to set goals, visualize their future self, and continually step forward. When we embrace the uncertainty in our lives and invest in ourselves, Steve believes everyone can live an amazing life.

Steven LeClair
Founder of Embracing Uncertainty

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